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How do you feel at this moment? Your answer may differ to when this question was asked, what time of day, what else was happening, what is happening soon, what had happened the day before. Mental health is not a straight line and exactly the same as our physical health we do not feel 100 percent all the time and that's ok. Not only is it ok it's normal. Both our physical and mental health needs to be paid attention to, listened to, and nurtured to make the most of our life and well-being.

After finally embarking on my lifelong dream of having my own business. I've decided to write a blog. After 20 years working in social care, 15 years of those years working in Mental Health, being nursery nurse trained, being a step-parent to a 20-year-old, a parent to two girls 7 and 5, and as many of us have, I have experienced my own ups and downs in my mental health over the years. I feel I've got some useful insights to share on love, life, relationships, and health.

After I had my first baby I found my life changed drastically, I wasn't expecting it to be as hard as it was. The days were long and the nights were longer, the baby groups I attended were a haven for me, and that feeling I had from attending these groups is what inspired me to start my business I want my groups to feel like that and some!

I'm hoping to be able to provide emotional support and practical advice to help people feel in control of life and not alone! We are all in this together and I want the people who come into contact with me to feel loved, nurtured, and appreciated. My vision for my business is to provide a calm and relaxing space where people can come to have fun, to make friends, have a listening ear if they need it, and to learn techniques to relax themselves and their families.

I'm signing out on a quote from Mother Teresa 'Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.'

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This is wonderful, you should be very proud of how far you have come with making your dream a reality. And the fact your dream is one that will benefit others, just shows what an extraordinary human you are! Feel lucky to know you xx


I have just read this at 5am and can confirm I feel encouraged by reading this. Life throws many curved balls and being the best you can be helps to manage them. Thank you Rae I needed to read this. X

Rachael Powell
Rachael Powell
Oct 06, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Charley and thank you for the follow. You are absolutely right. Looking after ourselves and being kind to ourselves when these curved balls come our way goes a long way to being able to come through it. X

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