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Family Wellness By Rae Kent


Age 4 weeks to crawling. 

In this class we learn how to massage and connect to our babies.  As the care giver you can also expect to be nurtured yourself with comforting meditations and mindfulness techniques and plenty of time at the end for refreshments and a chance to bond with other parents. Massage has many benefits for babies including aiding sleep, helping with digestion and colic. It helps the bonding process and has been shown to reduce post natal depression. 

Block 5 week booking £55

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Family Wellness By Rae Kent


Age 12 weeks to walking. 

This is a parent and baby yoga session, poses for you to do with your baby to help tone you and recover after birth. Poses for baby to help their physical development, cognition and further opportunity to promote bonding between the two of you.  There is also time to learn relaxation techniques and an opportunity to engage in a short meditation and plenty of time for refreshments and a chat with other parents.. 

Block 6 week Booking £55

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Family Wellness By Rae Kent


Walks at various woodland locations. £5 for adults, accompanying children and dogs are free. 

Being outdoors and in nature has a powerful effect on our wellbeing.  Come to the walks for some gentle exercise and to see how we can incorporate mindfulness techniques when we are out living our everyday lives.  Mindfulness is about being in the here and now.  All too often we find ourselves ruminating over the past or thinking about the future.  Here we can be in the moment.  These walks also give you a chance to meet other people to have a chat or a vent about life if needed.    

This image was taken by Claire Louise at Free Spirit Art and has kindly given permission for use on this website. You can find her work for sale  here:-  FREE SPIRIT ART

Family Wellness By Rae Kent


From walking to pre-school

Block 6 week booking for £30 or £7 drop in.

Lets play yoga!  Parents and carers are encouraged to join in too but not essential. 

Yoga has so many benefits for our physical and mental health so let's make yoga fun! Practice yoga through storytelling, drama, songs and games in this fun interactive class. 

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Family Wellness By Rae Kent


£55 for a six week course.

Learn quick mindfulness exercises you can take with you and use in your everyday life.  Indulge yourself in a meditation afterward, with different topics and affirmations every week.  Suitable for children, teens and adults. 

Family Wellness By Rae Kent


Self help group, children welcome but feel free to come alone, age appropriate toys will be provided. At different stages of our lives many of us feel a loss of identity which can impact on our mental health and cause low self esteem, confidence issues, sleep problems and anxiety. Come to this group to be nurtured while you learn cognitive behavioural strategies of how to make positive changes to enhance your overall well being. 

Block 6 week booking £55

One to one sessions are available, please make contact for availability and prices. 

Family Wellness By Rae Kent


£15 per class for one adult one child, £7 for any additional adult/child. 

Held at various locations.

Please register your interest on the link below.  Once our children get older we find they don't want as many cuddles. This is a lovely class to reconnect with your child, have fun together and get into poses that promote trust and laughter. 

Pre Course Questionnaire 

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CLICK HERE for further information about booking an event or up and coming events available

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